Mikazuki in bathing suit

Mikazuki in her bathing suit

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[[File:[1]]] |- --Mikazuki Hachune-- Mikazuki is a girl who loves to sing. Her name, Mikazuki, means "new moon". Her friends are Suki, Ryo, and Shin. Her voice is just a higher pitch than Mikus. Her hair is teal and she is 14 years old. She wears a green turtleneck and a heart necklace. She also wears a gray skirt. In the winter, she wears gray pants. Unlike Miku, she likes cinnamon. Not leeks. Her vocaloid outfit looks kind of like Meikos, but it has Mikus sleeves and shoes. The blue outlining is red. There is not a lot of fanart of her except from me. The first time Mikazuki was drawn was my "Crime and Punishment" version of Miku. Later, I turned into a vocaloid.